Tom Gallivan: A man of two hats


Gustavo Lopez

Interim Chief Tom Gallivan fills out his daily reports. “I never stop,” he said about the paperwork.

Denny Cristales, Editor-in-Chief

Stumbling across Tom Gallivan at any point and asking him how is day is going would probably evoke one response.


But that’s the kind of thing you would expect from a man who is wearing two hats.

Gallivan, captain of campus police, now also serves the role of Interim Police Chief.

He helped fill the role at the beginning of the semester after former Police Chief Richard Bukowiecki died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound on Aug. 18 at a Super 8 Motel in Westminster, per the Orange County Sheriff Department Coroner Press Release.

Gallivan is in and out of meetings, keeping him occupied.

“You didn’t realize how busy Chief Bukowiecki was,” Gallivan said. “It’s very exciting in one aspect. There’s a lot of things that I have visions and goals for the police department. And I’m just trying to get caught up with everything.”

The transition has been smooth, he said. And he accredits the welcoming attitude everyone involved had when he took hold of the position.

“It’s nothing but positive,” he said. “The officers have been nothing but supportive; the faculty’s been great; the managers have been supportive.”

He follows some of the philosophies Bukowiecki used to take.

One thing Gallivan noted was that “you always want to make it better than when you got here.” He said Bukowiecki definitely did that.

“I think the biggest thing – coming into a school environment – is understanding the role. We’re here for the students, as well,” he said. “Now, unfortunately, students sometimes don’t feel that way when they get a parking ticket.

“But, the whole goal, and what Chief Bukowiecki’s philosophy was: no job is too small. If a student has a dead (car) battery, and none of the officers are available to jumpstart the car, well, that’s where he (Chief Bukowiecki) or I would go out.”

Cathy Bukowiecki, wife of the former chief of police, said, “Tom is so overworked. He’s doing the captain job and his (Chief Bukowiecki’s job).”

Gallivan reiterated the “no job is too small” mantra. He also emphasized that “students come first; safety always – but I think responsiveness is the key to this position. If there’s an issue, let’s deal with it.”

He highlighted the principles of responsiveness and transparency.

Filling in the position on an interim basis, Gallivan seems to be on borrowed time. However, applications for the position are set to be released early November, per Vice President of Human Resources Mary Anne Gularte.

“Mr. Gallivan has extensive experience in law enforcement and public service,” she said. “His expertise, service attitude and professional demeanor are well known among his peers and colleagues.

“The position announcement is being finalized and it is anticipated that the position will be open for applications by early November, if not sooner.”

Gallivan said, “Now, I will apply, there will probably be several candidates who apply and the most qualified candidate will get the job.”

Right now, the Interim Police Chief is focused on doing his job.

“It’s been a smooth transition,” he said. “Again, it wouldn’t be smooth without the support of the officers. They haven’t missed a beat, they’re still doing what they do. That’s making my transition a lot easier.

“There’s a lot of challenges ahead. Luckily, I got a great bunch of officers and cadets and staff that work here. And there’s nothing but progress, I see.”