Student learning outcomes, parent concerns addressed in board meeting

Gustavo Lopez, News Writer

The Board of Trustees opened their meeting with a small retirement party in honor of trustee member Bob Hughlett, at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 12.

Trustee member John Paul Drayer introduced the Julian Cross Memorial scholarship to Alma Delgado, the award is named in memorial to Drayer’s mother who died of breast cancer before finishing school.

Trustee Carmen Avalos also congratulated Delgado.

Maya Walker gave the trustee members an overview of the InSight contest for the Fall 2014. The InSight newsletter contained a series of trivia questions, with the prize being a four-pack to a football game, T-shirts, press-box passes and access to refreshments.

Dr. Frank Mixon had a presentation in response to ACCJC’s recommendation that the school establish a program for student learning outcomes for all degrees and certificates. By Oct. 3, the SLOs were written for all 155 degrees and certificates.

Following the presentation, the public were allowed to make comments or express the concerns.

ASCC members, Suleyma Castillo, President Miles Aiello, Vice President Charles Caguioa and others went up to show their support for Dr. Linda Lacy and their experiences with her.

Following the ASCC members, two parents came up to express their concerns about their kids who had big trouble getting the classes they needed. One of the women had a letter from a mother of a student who couldn’t be there, about how a math teacher that was unprepared for the class and the student had to drop the class.

Avalos stated that the school has been making progress in fixing these problems but that they may not be overnight fixes.

The board also discussed the proposed board policy 2800, student relief funds from Vintage Cerritos, which would allocate funds from Vintage Cerritos to teacher workshops and stipends for teachers that will better the quality of the teaching.

Student Trustee Daniel Flores-Resendiz and Trustee member Bob Arthur raised questions on the specifics of the allocation of fund and the language.

The board decided that it would review the specifics of the what the funds are paying for and how much for a approval before the policy would pass.