ASCC Senate prepares for the joint board of trustee meeting

Perla Lara

During the Wednesday, Oct. 7 ASCC Senate meeting, senators made nominations for the representatives for the board of trustees meeting.

The nominees were senators Daniel Flores, Adrian Gomez, Luis Guzman and Diana Silveyra.

All four nominees made a short speech on why they should be board of trustee representatives.

In the end, Flores and Gomez became the ASCC Senate representatives.

The representatives have the opportunity to bring student issues to the trustees’ attention, issues like the need for more paid hours for tutors.

Chemistry and biology tutor, Zeinab Chahine addressed the senate during the public forum portion of the meeting and asked for an increase in the tutoring budget.

In the past each student was allotted 16 hours, now 16 hours of tutoring have to be shared between eight students.

Flores is no stranger to the board of trustee meetings. Flores served as the previous student trustee.

As an ASCC Senate representative Flores wants to “increase the relationship [the trustees have] with the students. There is a strong disconnect and a low percentage of students are heard…the board needs talk to regular students …night students not just the same students seen every time.”

Flores believes students have different needs depending on their own situations and getting to know students and having time to conduct research is a way to make agenda items and bring them to the board of trustee’s attention.

For Gomez looking toward the future of Cerritos College and taking future students into consideration is something the board of trustees should consider.

“With all this construction what is the school going to look like, what are new students going to feel?” Gomez said. “The larger buildings tower over the smaller ones, [we should] integrate outdated buildings, make basements where we can all hang out.”

Gomez also supports the Falcon Kids’ initiative.

He said, “It’s in our best interest to be mentor to the youth, show them what to expect. Coming to school is a difficult process we who are here need to facilitate the process.”

Senator Guzman, who was a nominee for the representative position, plans to attend the meeting even though he was not elected to be the senate representative.

“[The joint board of trustees meeting] is a very important meeting,” Guzman said.

For him one of the top agenda items is “the building of a new library, the [current] library is inadequate it’s very loud and has no reserved places for students….it has to be a college library not a high school cafeteria.”

ASCC Senator Silveyra, who was the fourth nominee for the representative position, did not comment on the joint board of trustees meeting, she said, “I am a senator and also a student I do not have time for an interview.”

ASCC Vice president Ivan Oyarzabal presented his draft for the joint board of trustee meeting to the senate.

The proposed agenda has six sections each with sub-points all together Oyarzabal’s agenda has approximately 21 items ranging from adding microwaves to the student union building to budget question for the trustees.

After discussion and clarifications, a few omissions and additions of items the agenda was approved by senate.