Dozens of potential faculty tour Cerritos College

Alvaro Flores, Staff Writer

Adriana Flores-Church Director of Human Resources and Risk Management hosted the Get Hired workshop for Cerritos College.

The event was held on Saturday Feb. 6th from 9 a.m.-10:30 a.m. beginning at the Liberal Arts Building.

Church said planing took several weeks and described that the job field is competitive.

NJ Flores ,a student ambassador said roughly 20-30 potential job seekers were in attendance.

Flores said this was the second workshop for professors outside of Cerritos College and the first for part-time instructors.

Terry Stinson Certified WAFC said, “It’s a good event, it puts student dollars to use, good resources for teachers to help students in class.”

He believes job fairs are beneficial as he currently works at Ralphs and hopes he can use his certificate to advance.

Mica Tah, undecided major said the most important thing about looking for a job is to help people in addition to good chemistry and morale.

Tah believes that location and atmosphere comes before pay.

Elizabeth Larios, who works for the Cerritos College Transfer Center said workshops help build experience and strengthen skills.

She hopes to see more job fairs in the future.