Private universities spread the word with pizza

Miguel Meza, Staff Wrtier

A slice of Frantone’s pizza was given to each attendant at the event, which showcased private universities ranging from Northwood University to Chapman,all giving powerful powerpoint presentations to help sprinkle every bit of knowledge one needs when transferring.

Different students arrived with their friends, cliques, couples and all seemed intent on learning some new information about these options that provided another path for young scholars.

This would turn out to be a lot, as time ran out quite fast for the one hour event, which rushed Northwood University representative Judy Fox-Marcev into wrapping up her speech prematurely.

“Pizza with the Privates is a great opportunity for Northwood to showcase the university.”, she said, entailing her personal beliefs on the effectiveness of an event such as this one.

Julyza Ruiz, a physical therapist major said, “I think it changes my outcome because I thought these universities were not affordable, but now I know that it is.”

She nervously exclaimed her pleasure with the program as she held a styrofoam plate carrying a large slice of warm cheese pizza.

This is not the first year of the event.

Brittny Lundeen, Counselor/Transfer Coordinator said, “Every spring semester we bring this group of representatives.

“I think a lot of students come in with the idea that they don’t care about private institutions but when they hear the information they really find that theres a lot to be offered at them which were not offered before.”

She continued on praising the idea to give a spotlight to private universities that seem to be pushed aside by most students attempting to transfer from Cerritos College.

Northwood University representative Judy Foxmarcev added, “Having the opportunity to get in front of large groups of students and spread the information about the bachelors degree programs available to them is a huge advantage for them.”