Career Cafe attendees converse on values


Bianca Salgado

Biology major Sarah Hinton (left) and corrections major Savanah Kelly (right), among attendees, participate in an individual activity during the Career Cafe on Feb. 29 in MP 201. Career counselors expressed how values are a factor that students might want to consider when it comes to career decision-making. Photo credit: Bianca Salgado

Bianca Salgado, Opinion Editor

Career Services hosted their first Career Cafe of the semester on Monday, Feb. 29 at 2 p.m. in the Multipurpose Building room 201.

Career counselors, Traci Ukita and Clara Ross-Jones, guided attendees through an individual activity

For the activity, students were each given a deck of cards and a worksheet. The cards represent a value and students aligned each card, as indicated on the worksheet, in each of the following categories: Always Valued, Often Valued, Sometimes Valued, Seldom Valued and Never Valued.

Work-related or career values are characteristics of a work environment. These include, but not limited to: opportunity for collaboration with team members, job advancement for a particular field, salary – making a certain amount of money.

Amongst the attendees was, biology major, Sarah Hinton, who said, “My top values were: knowledge, helping others and research.”

Career Cafe chooses different topics that will be meaningful to students. This time the topic of conversation was: understanding your work-related values.

Career counselors expressed how values are a factor that students might want to consider when it comes to career decision-making.

Ross-Jones, said, “Values are really guiding us but we don’t really talk about them a lot. This is the reason we are having this discussion topic as an opportunity for students to think ‘When I’m thinking about a career, what values do I have that are important to me even before I get that career?'”

Students should be determining and consider what their values are when looking at the world at the work side.

“I thought it was a good workshop. It really helped to look at ourselves and our own values to try and place that with a career that we will be happy with. It was very resourceful and it offered a lot of good information.

Hinton said, “It provided us with self evaluations, therefore by evaluating our own requirements for a career, we could point that out what type of career we want.”

New this semester, Career Services and the Re-Entry Resource Program, will have a free drawing at the end of each month.

A raffle ticket will be given to each attendee prior to the start of the workshop.

Attending multiple workshops will allow a student to gain multiple entries for a whole month.

This month’s winners are:

  • Maricela Pena who attended the Choosing a Major workshop – Double Tree Hilton Gift Certificate
  • Stephanie Burros who attended the Scholarship workshop – Target Giftcard
  • Nancy Lima who attended the Disney College Program Internships workshop – Gas card

Career Cafe will have another meeting on Monday, Mar. 28 at 2 p.m. in the Multipurpose Building room 201 to have another career-related conversation.