Re-Entry Resource Program offers assistance to single parents

Alvaro Flores, Staff Writer

Shannon Estrada, re-entry center specialist, planned the single parent workshop which took place Thursday, Mar. 10.

The event was held at Cerritos College in room BE 109 from 11a.m. to 12p.m .

Estrada said, “We did everything possible to promote this presentation from flyers,posters, social media, electronic marquee, the Daily Falcon and word of mouth.”

Estrada hopes to schedule another presentation October or September.

Child development major Jocelyne Alvarado said, “This is my first time attending a single parent workshop I liked it.”

Alvarado believed the workshop was quite helpful and hopes that the next time there is a Re-Entry Program presentation that the time is extended.

She learned about the event from her professor, Ange Beck.

Jason Torres is not a student, but heard about the presentation through social media and felt the presentation would be helpful.

Torres said, “I say on a scale of 1 to 10 this presentation was a 20 as my girlfriend and I want to be prepared to handle situations.”

Pamela Sepulveda Licensed Clinical Social Worker and community outreach Director of Su Casa Shelter was the presenter.

Sepulveda said “Shannon contacted me three months ago to do today’s presentation on single parenting and blended families.”

She wants students to remember that it is not healthy to hang on to emotional baggage because it affects relationships. In her presentation to credited the Brady Bunch tv show for being able to introduce Americans to the concept of blended families.

Sepulveda said that while the show briefly showed a glimpse of a blended family they failed to show audience what happened to the parents previous partners.

A child is not quick to trust and it is important to help communicate with your child about blended families which means having step siblings and step parents.

Lastly she reminded students that as humans people are social creatures and its ok to express emotions for example funerals serve a purpose for the living not so much for the dead.

She stressed the importance that it is OK to enjoy life for example weddings and graduations are times of celebration .

Sepulveda also announced that Su Casa has an internship program available to students .

The Re-Entry Program typically invites Sepulveda twice a semester to speak to students.