Students enjoy cookies, coffee and career advice


Students attended the Career Cafe workshop on Monday, March 28 at Career Services. Career Cafe offers students support when it comes to career oriented advice. Photo credit: Miguel Meza

Miguel Meza, Staff Writer

Students walked into the Multi Purpose building to get some information from Career Services on Monday, March 28.

Career Services counselors Clara Ross-Jones and Tracy Ukita presented a workshop on getting ahead in the student’s respective career fields.

“I wanted to learn more about being a model employee,” said Sam Shabot a real estate major that spent time with Ross-Jones in an intimate workshop on informational interviews.

The small room shelled in a few tables draped in plaid table clothes and featured the looming influences of the other career services employees that also offered advice to any student asking.

Most of the advice that was given out to the students was concerning the different obstacles to come as one pursuing a serious career in specialized kinds of work.

While only a little more than a handful students actually showed up to the event, those that attended were more than invested in the truth and wisdom that was being handed out.

Those that came helped themselves to a serving of cookies, coffee and tea as they began an exercise to test their abilities to speak to professionals in the field with a sample paper of suggested questions and statements.

“We thought that students could use some more information on how to professionally talk to people,” said Career Services counselor Ross-Jones about the idea behind the inception of the event, purposely scheduled for the spring for those interested in getting an internship during the summer.

The event, only lasting an hour, still concentrated a lot of information into the sixty minutes allotted to the counselors.

“Now you can take many different paths to a job,” said Tracy Ukita, stressing the good nature of getting an education, and how it helps you in many different ways even when the career path is changed.

While it would be almost impossible to track the students that learned these new methods, it is clear that they will always have a reference point to their future endeavors in business, real estate, political science, or anything that they put their minds to.