Goal setting workshop challenges both students and the college

Alvaro Flores

Robert Edison, theater major, was hopeful that there was going to be helpful information at the goal setting workshop.

The event was held on Wednesday, March 30 from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m.

Edison said “I hope there is another workshop like this soon I will apply the information to my every day routine.”

An activity used in the workshop was to grab a piece of paper and make a chart listing Monday through Sunday while attendants wrote their hourly schedule of activities.

When tracking the schedule people may notice patterns and be more organized by keeping a planner.

Veronica Mora Aguilar, Certified Instructor for Solutions 4 Families, Inc. served as the speaker.

She said “I was honored when I was asked to be the presenter here.”

Aguilar was contacted to be a substitute speaker for a previous presenter.

Shannon Estrada , Re-Entry Resource Specialist was pleased to have Agular available to make a presentation.

Estrada said “This is a great presentation you learn that you are in control of your goals.”

Estrada hoped to have more students attend as only five students attended.

Luis Sanchez , administration of justice major, said “this was an informative presentation i would definitely tell my friends to come to the next one.”

Sanchez said he wishes the campus would set a goal to improve the WiFi.

Christian Murguia , undecided major said. “It was a helpful presentation I think we need presentations like this in the Student Center.

Murguia believes making the Student Center more interactive with diverse presentations every other week would be refreshing.

He was also in agreement with Sanchez that the campus goal should be improve the WiFi .

A worksheet was provided to students with three goal setting components for students to answer for themselves.

  1. Agreed-upon goals: Some personal goals of mine which my colleague/partner supports:
  2. Agreed-upon goals candidate: A possible goal I would like my colleague/partner to accept and support:
  3. Common goals we share:

A common goal students had was to have a better life than their parents did and achieve their degrees.