Blood Drive seeks to increase donations for those in need

Jenny Gonzalez, Staff Writer

According to Blood Drive volunteer Dwayne Walker, few people donate blood and donations need to happen often.

From Monday, April 11-April 14 The Red Cross will be at Cerritos College looking for people willing to donate.

Walker stated, “The Red Cross is always in need of blood. It never has the right supply so to speak. It is constantly on the drive because so few people donate.

“Yes there are a lot of people here, but compared to the blood it needs with the accidents that happen [like] some babies need blood, people in accidents of course, and they need different types of blood and they do various things with the blood like double red cells and they have platelets.”

On an average day, maybe at a college, anywhere between 35-40 students show up each day.

He continued, “There is a reason why [The Red Cross] uses them, but its helpful believe me.”


Walker, who has been volunteering a little over a month stated, “I actually love it. The fact that I’m here saving people’s lives. I love that fact.”


Jaime Moreno, undecided major expressed that he is going to donate but had to get something to eat so he won’t pass out because he hadn’t eaten since 9 a.m.


“I am donating because I heard that it was good to donate, not only for the cause[…] to give to someone else that needs it, but because you help your body replenish new blood cells and that’s pretty cool.”

Elmer Milan, physical therapy major, jokingly expressed that he is donating blood because he lost a bet playing rock, paper scissors and his girlfriend forced him to.

He added that he is also giving blood, “To help out others, and it just takes 30 minutes of my day to help.”


Sharon Morrison, business administration major said after giving blood, “I feel good, I actually feel really good.”

“I want to give blood because I want to help others, because I know that if I needed the blood I’d appreciate those that donated, so it’s a circle of life, if you will.”