Career counselors prepare students for success

Claudia Cazares, Staff Writer

A workshop was offered on Tuesday, April 26 by career counselor Clara Ross Jones where eight students attended ready to learn the basics of an interview.

Jones begun her presentation by getting to know each student in the room, helping them feel more comfortable.

The workshop helped to explain the reason and purpose of an interview.

It also continued with how the basic structure of the interview really is and tips to prepare for it.

One of the main points Jones expressed and placed emphasis on, was on how practice is very important before getting to the interview whether students practice with the help of someone or by just practicing alone.

Career Counselor Clara Ross Jones said, “Interviewing is something that is just really hard to get comfortable with, because we are always so excited about the opportunity but then again it is a nervous feeling because we want to get the job.

“Students always say that after they practice they always get better and that, that helps them with the nerves. Students will also say that they arrived early just so they can sit calmly and not be stuck in traffic as well as arriving early just to review and practice.

She continued, “It is practice the reviewing feeling comfortable with what they are going to say about themselves that gets the edge off. Sometimes we know exactly what our strengths are what our skills are, but then when we are asked we have to actually step back and think about a way to send the right message. So ultimately if students practice they will feel a little more relaxed and confident in front of the person interviewing and with their responses.”

Students also learned about the several types of interviews and that first impressions are very important, always helping them remember to dress professionally.

Jones made sure to help students understand that a power of a thank you comes a long way and that demonstrating gratitude for the opportunity is a sign of respect following an interview.
Biology major, Berenice Sanmartin said,“I think this workshop definitely established and organized all of those aspects that you would need in an interview, now I know what steps to take.

“The career center counselor Jones did a great job in explaining them to everyone. Overall I learn that the career center offers a lot of help, from resume guidance to one on one interview help. All the information that was given today was really useful so I am taking everything I learned today with me and applying it on my next interview.”