Students benefit from new app in financial aid office


Leslie Castaneda

Students utilize Qless app’s text updates to avoid long wait times. The app allows students to check their wait time without being physically present. Photo credit: Leslie Castaneda

Leslie Castaneda

It is never a good thought when it comes to having to wait in line, anywhere.

The college has adopted a process that doesn’t require students to sit and wait in long financial aid lines.

Financial Aid Assistant Director Jaime Quiroz said, “QLess app was first used at Fullerton college and was introduced to Cerritos college during a meeting.”

The app was worked on and setup (Is it setup or set up or set-up?) by Quiroz and Financial Aid Technician Ulysses Valencia in February and debuted in May.

“Once it was confirmed that we would be debuting Qless, we brought the idea of making flyers, placing the announcement on both electronic marquee’s, one that is on the west side of the campus and the other being on the north side, and also a Facebook blast,” Quiroz said.

The Financial Aid department decided not to buy the application being that if that was the case, it would allow every department in the school to use it but this department would be the only one paying for it.

Dean of Student Support Services Kimberly Westby said, “It has helped all of us out so much and we are happy to have this application, for the department and for the students. They can go buy food, go to class, or any other activity without having to be present and waiting in line.”

Quiroz expressed, “Unfortunately there is a down side to it all but just a minor one being that the application has gone down for a couple of minutes and gives us a tiny scare but there is definitely more positive than negative.”

Very few students sit at the chairs provided in front of the Financial Aid office unless they know that their wait time is under 20 minutes.

Math major Crystal Gutierrez said, “This is a great idea. It said an hour wait when I signed in from home and once I arrived I was notified that my wait time was now only 10 minutes.”

Psychology major Marilyn Lopez said, “I like it. It saves time. The first time I used it, I was able to get in line while in class and I did not have to wait. It is so easy to use and I hope they start using it for other offices.”

The Student Success Center is looking into bringing this up for their department and it is also to be announced if other departments will begin to use the application.