New Student Ambassador position offers serious advantages

Perla Lara

Theater tech major Jeanette McGeisey was one of 40 applicants for the Student Ambassador Job.

For her, the job is a way to be more connected and involved with Cerritos College. She wants to be a part of promoting Cerritos College in high schools.

“I want to talk to a lot of people, I like to talk to people, I’m really sociable,” she said.

McGeisey’s main goal is to help people, “If they need [information] you can tell them the information. Information like how to transfer or [information on] any type of major they want.”

The student ambassador job hiring takes place once per school year during the fall semester. The job began as a peer counselor position in the year 2000 and has since been modified and changed into a position of outreach and recruitment.

According to the job flyer, it comes with part-time, flexible scheduling Monday through Friday, with occasional weekends, with an average of 5-10 hours a week and a pay of $12.05 per hour.

School Relations Coordinator Shirley Arceo said, “I developed a new [program] model and I looked at four year universities and modeled this [program] after four year university outreach programs.”

She said, “Essentially we’re looking for a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA, and someone who possesses good interpersonal and communication skills.

“Ideally someone who has reliable transportation, along with a drivers license and proof of auto insurance are preferred because the majority of activities are off campus and he would need to drive to high schools or elementary schools.”

Although, it is not required being bilingual would be a major plus for when applying for the position.

“Since this is a Hispanic serving institution someone who is bilingual in Spanish and English is preferred,” Arceo continued.

She also said that preferred does not mean required and there have been past student ambassadors who did not drive and did not speak Spanish.

The choice of who is hired is made by Arceo and her assistant, who is usually a former student ambassador.

Student Affairs Assistant Christine Soneriu is a former Student Ambassador. For her, being a student ambassador changed her major and the career she chose to have.

She said, “Going out into the field, going to college fairs, and high schools, for me personally was really good. I was able to talk to high school counselors that where there and figure out what it’s like to be working in a school, and what it takes [to be a counselor],

Soneriu said that being a high school counselor was on of her career options, so this was one of the ways being involved in the program was beneficial to her.

The job also helped her develop her communication skills, she said, “At first I would be nervous about doing presentations and through time I’ve presented in front of a group of 100 people by myself.”

Soneriu said, “In terms of my long term professional goals [being a Student Ambassador] has helped. […] I was working with students one on one and that’s what made me realize I want to work in schools.

“I decided to switch my major from psychology to teacher track and now I’m going to graduate from Cal State Long Beach.”

The student ambassadors would have to be approved by the board of trustees on Wednesday, Oct. 19 and then begin an 18-week training period before going out to represent Cerritos College.