ID card shortage may soon be a thing of the past

Terrel Emerson

The dilemma of the sparseness of identification cards on the Cerritos College campus may soon be a thing of the past.

According to Interim Dean of Student Services Frances Gusman thousands of ID cards will be on campus as soon as Sept. 26.

“We have made arrangements with the company. We are having 3, 000 cards expressed to us and they will be here Monday at 10 [a.m.], ” she said.

There are many perks and rewards to having an ID card on the Cerritos College campus and off the campus.

Some of the perks include:

Discounted Movie Tickets

Free In-N-Out (when truck is on campus)

Checking out library supplies


Setting up counseling appointments

Financial Aid

Paying a discounted price at school games

It is only Gusman’s second month on the job and she has already come face to face with an impractical issue at her new school.

“The new job hasn’t been so much an adjustment, what has been more of an adjustment is [the] process.

“How things function internally, the process[es] that are used here are different than the campus I came from,” she acknowledged.

Previously, Gusman worked at College of the Sequoias.

ASCC President Saul Lopez was taken aback at learning of the school’s current trouble.

“From my knowledge, the IDs ran out, that’s the bottom line. I talked to [Vice President of Student Services] Stephen Johnson […] and he’s actually the one who told me about it,” he said.

Lopez also acknowledged the severe urgency for the school to quickly ratify the situation.

“There’s always a sense of urgency when it comes to student services not being available because we are all students and we pay student service fees, so there should be a sense of urgency,” he admitted.

On the other hand, Lopez found a positive in the short-lived obstacle.

“I asked [Johnson] ‘isn’t that a good thing?’ Because before we ran into a problem where people weren’t getting their IDs,”

“It’s a mixed bag. It could mean people are getting their IDs or someone dropped the ball,” Lopez acknowledged.

People were left asking the question of “how can the school run out of ID cards?”

Computer science major Danniel Monroy said a little over two weeks ago, he lost his ID card and has had nothing but problems since in trying to claim a new one.

He recalled, “The day I lost it was really frustrating. I looked in my wallet and it wasn’t there and I really needed to print something. So I had to get a print card and I lost like 15 cents.

“So the next day I went to the Student Center to ask for a new one, I went there and [was told] I had to pay $5 for it. Then I was told I had to go here and go there […]

“That was two weeks ago and to this day I haven’t been able to get my ID.”

The Student ID Center employees refused to comment regarding why the center had run out of IDs.

While it is still unclear who is at fault for the lack of ID cards or if anyone is at fault, the fact still remains that the problem won’t be an issue for too much longer.