New e-mails present students with benefits

Briana Hicks

“If it’s a benefit [to use student e-mails], then I probably will [get it],” said undecided major, Liseth Alba.

On Tues. Sept. 13th, the college launched .edu e-mail accounts for students.

Vice President of Student Services Stephen Johnson, acknowledged that the school began announcements regarding the student e-mails a year ago.

“A year ago we began announcing in all student e-mails that e-mail will be the way the college will provide official notifications to students.

“It will be more timely and convenient for students to receive these e-mails addressed automatically,” he said.

In late February, during the two back to back off campus shootings, the college sent out alert messages regarding the incident to certain students on campus.

The alerts were only sent to students who had signed up to receive important information regarding the school through e-mail or text messages.

According to Johnson, students can benefit from using school provided .edu e-mails by receiving discounts from some popular businesses.

As well as, a designated official communication method from the college to students.

“We anticipate being able to send messages more promptly and with more useful and convenient formatting and content,” he said.

Sabrina Rascon, undecided major, said, “I’m a little iffy about it for some reason […] I [thought] it was just a waste of my time honestly [because I would have a] new e-mail, new password, and then for what.”

Johnson expressed that the new e-mails will be in place, but not designated as the default preferred during the extended launch period.

He said, “Following an extensive awareness campaign, the new .edu e-mail address will be automatically set as the default preferred.

Students may then wish to set up forwarding to another or additional e-mail addresses.”

Due to the new student .edu e-mails, student’s login information has been changed for Talon Net, Org Sync, and campus wifi.

There are no changes for MyCerritos.

“We have used a preset six-digit birth date format for the initial default password up to this point. The new student e-mail system is a gmail product using an eight-character format.

Johnson admitted that students have been expressing interest in getting the discounts and other benefits of a .edu e-mail address.

“Access to discounts that college students can qualify for have been an important part of our work to launch student e-mail[s].”

Although Rascon is leery about the e-mail account, she did admit that she may look into the benefits that come from having a .edu address.

E-mails are currently in effect.