ASCC Senator wants Vice President impeached

Jenny Gonzalez

Senate Pro Tempore Gurpreet Ubbu is adamant about having Vice President Enrique Rodriguez impeached initially due to her request to have an item about extending the library hours that was constantly overlooked.

She said she spoke to Rodriguez several times about the item because it was time sensitive and the Vice President of Academic Affairs Rick Miranda needed some financial information about how much senate was willing to fund.

Ubbu mentioned that the item was initially approved by ASCC Adviser Amber Dofner Friday, Jan. 27, but Rodriguez did not add it to the agenda for the following week’s Wednesday, Feb. 1st senate meeting. In Ubbu’s Letter of Complaint, she stated, “I spoke directly to the Vice President many times before and after the meeting and at his office when he was there.

“Patiently waiting for the past four weeks, I have still not been added to the agenda and I am beginning to become tiresome. After constant efforts to be added to the agenda, I still have received the same response delaying the process and making my efforts in the senate seem insignificant.”

When Dofner mentioned that it was her mistake, she apologized, but the item was still not put on the agenda.

Rodriguez said Ubbu only spoke to him once about the item, but she said she spoke to him several times. She also mentioned that Rodriguez was never in his office when she wanted to speak to him about the item and said, “If he’s not there for the students, who else is going to be?” and asked for an impeachment trial.

Rodriguez thinks there is a different motive for the impeachment trial saying, “I feel that this opposition is coming from my running as president […] I just feel that they want me to snap and show them that, ‘Oh look at him, he can’t handle this position and he cant handle the heat’ or are they trying to throw me under the bus and make me look bad because of this election?”

He also mentioned if he was impeached, Ubbu, as Pro Tempore would take his place as Vice President which may be a reason to impeach him. ASCC President Saul Lopez clarified and said she would only chair the senate meetings until he found a replacement.

Ubbu said that is not her motive, but the fact that he is never in his office and he is paid $1,500 a month and feels that as a Vice President of ASCC, he should be doing a better job in his position.

In her letter of complaint she says, “An incentive of obtaining the role of Vice President is the salary [he is] given for the hard work and effort being put in, however, I feel as though this salary is unrightfully given. As Senate we have the right to make sure our government officials are fulfilling their duties and we have the right to impeach if failed.”

An ASCC Court meeting was held on Tuesday, March 7 where Ubbu was able to address the issue and present evidence. She asked to postpone the meeting until after Spring Break because she did not have all of her evidence with her, including other senators; most of which were part of the Falcon Games event and were not able to attend the meeting.

The next Court meeting where she will be able to present her evidence will be on Tuesday, March 21 in room BK 111/112.