Letter to Dean’s replacement

Dear Dean’s Replacement,

You have some big shoes to fill! Dean Ackland is a well-respected member of the Cerritos College population. He has done so much for this campus and its students. As the Coordinator of Student Activities, Ackland coordinated Hoe Down Days, pre-game receptions, and introduced the beloved In-n-Out lunches.

He did all of the little things, often gone unnoticed by students, that needed to be done. Ackland was the life and the glue of the Student Activities office according to everyone who worked or even walked through the building.

As his replacement, you need to be on your game. Either be just as good or better, which would be near impossible, than Ackland was. You have to have your door always open for students and even faculty to walk in.

And at the request of one of the ladies in the Student Activities office, you need to be able to take apart people’s names and illustrate them. For instance, Holly would be a picture of holly.
Ackland was always smiling and brought happiness and sunshine into the gloomiest room.

Everyone that has ever come into contact with him has only good words to say about him.
We commend you for even attempting to replace him. Because, as easy as you may think it will be, it won’t be easy.

            Good luck!
            ~Talon Marks