Costumes: nothing wrong with flaunting it

Yurixhi Gutierrez and Yurixhi Gutierrez

Everybody, if not most of us, remember this quote from the movie Mean Girls: “Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.”

There is a major factual error in this quote depicting that females only have the opportunity during Halloween to dress skimpy and not be judged for their promiscuity, when in fact, if you walk into a nightclub and the dresses are long enough to barely cover a females back side if anything and tight enough to deprive them from breathing.

Moving on to raves, womens’ breasts are pushed to their ears and their thongs are a mile high up their behinds, and to dress a bit more discreet at a rave, the answer is fishnets and fluffy gogo dancing boots.

It is safe to say that Halloween is not the only day females can dress like they work at a brothel and get away with it, so why judge a girl so harshly over a Halloween outfit?

Could it be that Halloween is one of the few occasions a female’s promiscuity is on display for different crowds, not just the nightlife scene you find in clubs or raves there for being blown out of proportion within society?

Sexy costumes do not come cheap. More than 50 dollars for the costume alone. Add accessories, make up and the right shoes, that busts you up another 60 dollars easy and sums up to 110 dollars. So look at the bright side, females are helping the economy.

If a woman takes care of herself, works out, and has a great abdominal area, she has the right to show it off with revealing clothing regardless of the occasion. Males do it on a regular basis. Therefore, it is incomprehensible why females are looked down upon for it if we do the same thing males do with a feminine touch.

There’s nothing wrong with Halloween costumes that are too revealing because youth does not last forever and there will be a point that females’ bodies will begin to change, and not for the better, so might as well flaunt what is provided. If that means overly revealing costumes, then let it be.