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Yurixhi Gutierrez and Yurixhi Gutierrez

Pete Moye’
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In its early stages, the phenomenon of social networking has sparked a battle for dominance, However Twitter is more then a social network.

Tweeting is about getting yourself heard and putting your message out there so that it gets to somebody, anybody, as long as it gets acknowledged.

This might be a little intimidating at the beginning, and that is mainly the reason why people first approach Twitter with a lot of the tweets being about what they had for breakfast or something along those lines.

Twitter, Facebook and now Google Plus are the three contenders in the world of social networking, but with a massive amount of other networks vying for users, doubt has been cast upon the long-term survival of many.

Launched in July 2006, Twitter quickly gained worldwide popularity, giving birth to small bursts of information called tweets with a restriction of 140 characters.

Twitter is not only for your friends to tell you how horrible traffic is on the 605 or what they are having for lunch. When the earthquake in the east coast took place, timelines were full of tweets regarding the quake.

This network allows virtually everybody to create their own newscast, and it is able to do so instantaneously.

Talon Marks joined Twitter to help keep students informed of what is going on within the campus, anything from bake sales to an assault within the campus premises gets tweeted as soon as possible.

If used properly, Twitter has the capability of being used as a marketing tool, so it is great for small businesses and even political figures because it allows you to promote yourself or your business.

people are using sites for different reason, such as connecting with friends, also small businesses are trying to market their product, the same way politicians are promoting their campaign, and students simply want their voices heard and Twitter delivers to all.