High Heel are empowering

Yurixhi Gutierrez and Yurixhi Gutierrez

A young independent woman strutting down a school hallway with poise, in a pair of classy nude sling backs screams out confidence and determination.

High heels on college campuses has been a topic to gossip about around students and it is a subject that is as old as time itself. The fact of the matter is beauty is in the eye of the beholder and people will view high heel wearers differently.

Many young women attempt to wear high heels around Cerritos College, but many of the females that fail unfortunately make a fool out of themselves.

Not many women can throw on a pair of high heels on in the morning and go about their day without any complaints regarding their feet, and that is understandable because they do take a physical toll after a few hours, let alone after having them on all day.

Some women have the capability to dress in high heels and not only wear them all day, but also walk properly in them.

These groups of females are absolutely stunning and if they wish to wear high heels in campus then I’ am all for it because it is nice to see that women want to flaunt their femininity.

In the words of Bill Cunningham, one of the greatest street fashion photographers of all time, “Fashion is the armor to survive everyday life.”

I fully concur with his quote because many young women wake up every morning and choose to wear heels for whatever reason it is.

To some women high heels might boost their confidence, and others might feel sexy in them, it could be that high heels may just empower some young women, just by wearing them.

Regardless as to why females choose to wear high heels, they should be able to flaunt them in school if they please.