Valet parking should be offered on campus

Yurixhi Gutierrez and Yurixhi Gutierrez

Valet parking for Cerritos College students might be just a revolutionary changes, no more looking for parking, no more running to class because you could not find a parking space near by, and most importantly, no more losing your car in endless rows of cars.

If you get to Cerritos really early, let’s day 8 a.m., you might be able to find a decent parking space, but that people have classes scattered throughout the week and they all begin at different hours.

Spending over 30 minutes driving around for a good parking space is ridiculous, so most students give up and simply park far away and deal with it.

The problem I find with that is that as students sometimes we have too much on our hands.

We literally carry books, laptops, and notebooks to our classrooms and it adds up.

Ladies how many times have you had to carry your heavy bag from your car to your classroom, and once you get there you have the bag handles of it imprinted on your skin?

I know it has happened to more girls other than myself, and lets face it, it does not look cute.

After students spend quite a while looking for decent spot to park in they eventually give up, and most of the time they are running late at this point, being forced to power walk to their classrooms.

There is nothing worse than to get to a classroom, hyperventilating and sweaty, especially if you are a girl.

Good luck to you if you have the third floor in the SS building and you are in this situation because those stairs are killers.

Let’s be honest now, how many Cerritos College students have played hide and seek with their own car in the parking lot more than once?

All of these problems can easily be fixed with valet parking, drop off your car and go to class and when you are done your car will be waiting for you, it is that easy.

Students would appreciate this, because it would let them get to class faster and they would not have to drive around looking for parking themselves anymore. All in all, this would help both students and the school.

By buying a valet parking permit that is a little more expensive than your average parking permit or paying by the day, the school would have a great income of money, so it would benefit from it as well as the students.