Focus: underrated careers

Yurixhi Gutierrez and Yurixhi Gutierrez

As high school students begin to hit their junior year, many feel pressured to choose a traditional career to focus on and spend the next four to five years studying toward completing.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, it is a good plan and it works perfectly for the vast majority or students because a degree can secure you a job title, to a certain extent.

There are many underrated professions that people do not take too seriously yet individuals are ridiculously successful with it.

Take Disc Jockeys for example. Many people buy a set of turn tables on eBay make up a name for their alter ego, throw DJ at the beginning of it and think they can drop a decent set. I am not referring to those individuals.

People like this create the stigma that DJs unfortunately carry and ultimately leads society to underrate their product and effort.

A DJing career typically begins as a side job, if your traditional day job is not sufficient, but a good number of passionate and skillful disk jockeys turn their hobby into full-time successful careers.

Here is how the career unfolds: hobby, nightclubs, Novice mid-level DJs, and Seasoned DJs. Of course, as you move up the scale, the pay will too.

Building the fan base is what eventually moves an individual’s personal hobby to something bigger than what they imagine.

Seasoned DJs earn from $3000 to $50,000 per gig and that is completely and utterly due to their fan base.

A successful disk jockey has the power to draw crowds and kill the dance floor for long periods of time, and that simply takes passion and a great deal of knowledge.

Many people acquire music and mixing knowledge over time and experience. Eventually a DJ will be able to keep the crowd going set after set.

Becoming successful in anything, regardless of it being a traditional or a non-traditional careerc it takes dedication and sacrifices, it’s unfortunate that many non-traditional careers are underrated by society.