Google Wallet is sure to affect peoples’ pockets


Pete Moye'

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Pete Moye’
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Technology has reached an all-time low. Google, which is taking over the world gradually, is on its way to forming a monopoly and nobody seems to catch on to it.

Google wallet can possibly become the highest way of identity theft ever know to mens kind. Hackers after all are good at what they do and now more then ever have an easier opportunity of reaching a hackable item that holds a persons financial life.

First it became the most popular search engine, then not to long ago it released Google+ a new social networking site that claims to be better then all others, now it has developed this new innovation called Google wallet which its basically like carrying your wallet within your phone.

You can look for a check out symbols such one that is called pay pass and MasterCard as well and Google wallet will serve as your paying option simply by tapping your phone on the radar.

Some things are meant for human to take care off and anyone in their right mind would double think about trusting there phone do handles money transactions and payment all the time.

Yes this might look appealing to the naked eye, but what if you forget your phone in that bathroom stall and somebody has accesses to it?

There is always a way to crack codes when it comes to phones, take for example the iPhone people jail break them all the time.

So its really just a matter of time before people begin to unlock Google wallets and your life’s saving may just be in the hands of a complete stranger and your power less over.

Yes, Google will get costumers lining up wanting to get there hands on this new program for there phones and it might just be successful the first few months, years even, but it’s a matter of time before problem begin to emerge.

Todays youth manages to see all the great things that technology has too offer to society and that is perfectly fine because it dose facilitate things quite a bit, but people should keep in mind that everything that has a good side also has a bad side to it.