New equality law promises protection for LGBT community members in college

Rosaura Montes and Rosaura Montes

It is such a tremendous accomplishment for the Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Transgender community [LGBT] to be protected in state universities and colleges from harassment based on a new law which took effect Jan. 1st and lead to campus police taking action.

Based on the LGBT Equality and Equal Access in Higher Education Law, 2012 is a year of change that will give more rights to the LGBT community.

People who pester LGBT’s in universities or college will now be charged for the harm they have done.

There have been countless stories over the internet and the news about a homosexual committing suicide because of how they have been teased, bashed, or verbally abused by a people who are not in favor of such alternative lifestyles.

It is already injurious when a person discriminates others because of their sexual orientation, sometimes it leads those who are harassed into depression, low self-esteem, anxiety attacks and even nightmares.

This goes for everyone no matter if they are from LGBT community.

No person ever wants to be offended over for who they are or what they stand for, and now there is justice.

If an individual does not favor people who are attracted to the same sex then they do not have to accept it, this is called “tolerance.” It is simply not right for any person to be hammered down based on who they are.

It has led many homosexual men into frustration and even depression when constantly called “faggot” or other derogatory names.

With this new law, it will lessen harassment and will bring more reassurance to those who are attracted to the same sex to know there will be consequences for those who have harassed them.

2012 brings new light toward the LGBT community.