Students should learn about school services

Running around like mad people during the first week of school, students easily walk past all of the buildings where counselors and tutors are sitting at their desks waiting to help someone.

Many students are oblivious as to the amount of help they can receive on campus.

Instead of going to Student Services, the Counseling Office, and Career Services Center, they’re complaining to their fellow students about how they can’t find a job or can’t retake a class they failed.

Why go visit the people that can actually help you, right? Because your peers clearly know what’s best for you rather than the people who are paid to provide students with assistance and have the connections to help you.

It’s not like students don’t know about any of the services they can receive. As soon as you log onto the Cerritos College website, there are a million tabs that link to student service center information.

For new students, orientation has been made a requirement as part of enrollment. Going through the orientation, they are given information on all of the services that the college provides for students.

If they decide not to even pay attention during their orientation, well guess what, the buildings are labeled! One can easily find out what building to go to for information.

There is such a vast amount of services that are available for students such as Student Health Services, the Transfer Center, Career Services, Financial Aid Services, and many, many more.

Some require you to make an appointment while others accept walk-ins, but either way, speaking to someone about a problem or question that you have is not an issue.

Teachers even announce to their students and add the different student-provided services that are available for that specific class (including tutoring).
If teachers are pushing their students to take advantage of the opportunities we’re given, don’t you think that we as students should do so?

So just walk in already and get your questions answered. It’s better that sitting on your butt and waiting for a magic genie to help you with all of your problems.

You might be there awhile as other students walk past you and into a counselor’s office.