Snapchat or snapcrap?


Samantha Vasquez

Snapchat’s most recent update has got to be one of its worst.

With the app recently adding its new “Discover” section, users are able to click on outside news sources and read, view pictures or watch videos about the latest controversial story.

The 11 news outlets that appear are CNN, Comedy Central, Cosmopolitan, Daily Mail, ESPN, Food Network, National Geographic, People, Vice, Yahoo News and Warner Music.

Users can even view Snapchat’s original content that they make themselves with viners, bloggers and other prominent people in social media.

The stories that the news outlets post are like everyone else’s and will be updated every 24 hours.

Yes, this shows that media and technology are growing, but why would a Snapchat user want to look at those?

The app was originally supposed to be a photo messaging platform where you can send the oddest picture to your best friend and get a picture of some double chins in return.

Now the app is trying to get me to read stories about the ten ways to get over a break-up? How about, no?

The creators of the app need to get it together because it’s becoming just like every other social media platform that collaborates with news outlets for advertisements and other content.

More users are focusing on the other update the app has – the absence of the “best friends” list.

People used to be able to be as nosy as possible and see who they snapped the most and who other people snapped the most. Also, people who were skeptical of their significant others’ faith were able to check up on their best friends.

Well, no more. Snapchat allows the unfaithful users to go send whatever they want to whoever they want.

Honestly, we need that section back. Not because we want to know who our significant other is snapping, but because we’re naturally nosy people with curious minds.

The app also added a “ghost code” which is basically a Quick Response code that allows someone to take a picture of your Snapchat symbol and they will automatically be your friend on the app.

First of all, QR codes are still a thing?

Second, this is just allowing people to be lazy. On top of that, it takes longer to take a picture of a QR code than simply typing their username in.

The update sucks. Give us our “best friends” back (and no, I’m not talking about CNN or Food Network). Hopefully the next one will be better.