If it looks a Nazi, sounds like a Nazi… No it’s Donald Trump

Perla Lara

“Government is incompetent …but I’m a great manager,” Presidential candidate Donald Trump said during a news conference in Dubuque, Iowa on Tuesday Aug. 25.

As an American voter I elect a governing body. I see the value in having all the branches of government and more importantly the checks and balances that have been put in place to make America a true republic. Using the word “manager” is just a sugar coated way of saying dictator and saying “I’m a great manager” is just another way of saying “I’m a great dictator.”

As of today Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s only political stance has been on immigration reform. He is running a campaign that is like a light sugar coated version of Adolf Hitler’s campaign platform.

What can Donald trump be thinking? Well if it worked for Adolf Hitler then surely it can work for him.

Like Hitler, Trump also uses a book he wrote in his campaign rallies. He uses his book as proof that he is intelligent and that he has the solutions to all that is wrong in the country.

Donald Trump’s political strategy is to win the votes of the working class, women, and the African-American demographic who in his political positions statement he labels as “black American’s.” His campaign, like Hitler’s, is one of bigotry, fear and hate that sets Mexican illegal immigrants as the cause for all that is wrong in America.

In the same news conference Trump also said, “A woman is getting ready to have a baby, she crosses the border for one day has the baby, all of a sudden. For the next 80 years hopefully longer but for the next 80 years we have to take care of the people.” He made the statement in respond to reporter Jorge Ramos asking about his campaign position to end birthright citizenship.

According to Trumps online statement of immigration reform “IMMIGRATION REFORM THAT WILL MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” He would end birthright citizenship because “This remains the biggest magnet for illegal immigration. By a 2:1 margin, voters say it’s the wrong policy, including Harry Reid who said ‘no sane country’ would give automatic citizenship to the children of illegal immigrants.”

Ending birthright citizenship would require the reform to the 14 Amendment of the constitution. The amount of congressional support and legal steps needed to change the constitution makes it highly unlikely for Trump to accomplish even if he did become president. The end to birthright citizenship is just an empty promise Trump is using to cause controversy, gain the support of extremist groups and fuel his xenophobic campaign.

The next step in Trump’s Neo-Nazi campaign is to use his wealth to win over the lower class demographic after all “Adolf Hitler got involved, demanding the production of a basic vehicle. He wanted his German citizens to have the same access to a car as the Americans. The “People’s Car” would be available to citizens of the Third Reich through a savings plan.” according to Wikipedia.

Off course in the 0.0001 percent chance that Trump was elected president his first act would be to build a wall between Mexico and America. His second act would be to build a detention center or as Hitler would call it a concentration camp, after all as Trump states “I’m a great builder.”