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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

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Who wants a reality show celebrity in the white house? Not me

Being a journalist is not easy, it is exciting, but not easy.

You get to attend important events that may turn out to be historical.

You get to meet important and interesting people and have the chance to ask them questions that unleash who they really are.

But in Trump’s case, it is quite disappointing that a wealthy person running for president kicks out a humble journalist like Univision’s Jorge Ramos from his conference just for refusing to answer a question regarding his campaign, which is why he is there.

It is in the banner.

But the most disappointing fact is that even though Ramos got discriminated by Trump’s supporters after being thrown out, such supporters are even more ignorant, immoral and even more hypocritical than Trump.

These “supporters” are worse than Trump himself.

Throwing Ramos’s title to the floor, after he clearly confirmed to be U.S. citizen are a disgrace to this society.

Radical Catholics supporting Trump as a savior for their nation is totally laughable and depressing.

But it makes one to wonder if they are truly supporting Trump for his cause or for his money?

Yes, money has power, I can’t deny that.

But it has power to make people do what you want; take Trump’s bodyguard for example.

Pushing Ramos outside of the conference room became clear that Trump can pull his strings and fills his pockets with bills and benefits.

But have you wondered if this bodyguard was in favor of Ramos instead and refuse to push him out? What would Trump’s reaction be?

Refusing to answer a question regarding the purpose for his campaign shows a vulnerable point of weakness and worst of all, unprofessional.

How can this egomaniac run for president and just answer the questions he is in the mood for and just talk about what he had done and who he is.

Whenever he answers a question he just repeats himself and spins the questions around the room with the same answer just phrased differently.

Now at this point you may think that Ramos effort was worthless, but it was not.

It’s Trump’s discriminatory action that raised the eyebrows of media viewers who still and at this moment are typing #jorgeramos in support of the Hispanic journalist.

Now, Ramos is not the only iconic journalist Trump has take on, not too long ago he almost threw blows with the legendary Bill O’reilly trying to prove him wrong about the 14 Amendment which clearly states, “If you are born here you are an American PERIOD!”

Even after this “Clash of the Ego Titans” it seems that Trump remains adamant on his lawyer’s belief that this could work which really got me questioning his lawyer’s education.

Trump is so empty headed that he has not yet realize that even if he is one of the most wealthiest individuals on the planet, his presidential promises costs are titanic!

He believes he can get the constitution amended, what is wrong with this guy?

The problem with Trump is that he believes everyone likes him including UFC champion Ronda Rousey.

But the famous femme fatale proved him wrong in an interview in CNN with the best quote and impression I seen of someone say regarding Trump’s campaign, “I wouldn’t vote for him…I don’t want a reality TV star running my country,” Rousey said.

Now, he believes he’ll get the Hispanic vote.

Unfortunately, yes.

There have been interviews of Hispanics working for Trump’s hotel franchise whom are totally okay with him.

As a Hispanic student, I want to believe that they may have this point of view for fear to lose their job in order to protest against Trump, but the sad reality is that we as Hispanics have the very bad custom of not supporting our own culture, our fellow brothers and sisters of our beloved countries that has seen us born and grow together.

And now is time to actually join forces like never before to prove that we are important for this country.

Is time to show that we are the ones that maintain the gigantic gears of this industrial nation and that kicking us out of the hardworking life we had established here is not going help at all.

Because let’s be honest, Trump supporters and radical racists are not going take our job positions.

Because they are not use to getting up and doing everything by themselves, they love the drive-thru and being served, but not to serve.

How can they support the country if it is them who are served by the country.

They don’t realize that.

Student, parent, senior; don’t let this duckface racist come to the doors of the white house.

Your vote is your weapon, and it is time to stand up and fight.

Let’s show this Trump and his ignorant minions that we have a voice and power.

That we are a Goliath that he cannot defeat neither bribe.

Aqui estamos, y no nos vamos.

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Carlos Marquez, Opinion Editor
My name is Carlos Marquez and I am Opinion Editor for this fall semester in Talon Marks at Cerritos College. There is not much to say about me, I'm a regular student just like you majoring in Journalism and getting closer and closer to graduate with an Associates degree. I'm a fan of comic books and movies, I am what some may call a geek; I guess. I like to be aware of the events surrounding my community and share points of view with people to learn something new. I think is important to turn the community's voice into echo in order to inspire,make a difference and support a common cause.
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Who wants a reality show celebrity in the white house? Not me