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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

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One reason to admire Kim Davis, one reason to disagree with David Moore

A devoted Christian steps out of court and a rally of supporters welcome her to the microphone alongside the iconic theme of “Rocky III.”

Kim Davis was set free from jail after five days and the crowd went wild just like when the apostle Peter came to church after being incarcerated for his beliefs.

Now a wave of comments takes over the Internet calling Davis a homophobic bigot and religious discriminator.

What happened here cannot be compared to what happens in other countries, where people are being murdered for their beliefs.

Davis’ case is an example of how people can come together for a cause and break down walls with the power of their voices.

And sometimes is something that we forget to notice in this type of news because we rather go along with the scandals.

I hope that after this event, everyone learns that an individual cannot let his/her religious beliefs take a stand in their workplace.

It is a duty that must be taken even if we disagree with a horrible customer.

Just like any other job, we all have that customer from hell who just likes to give the employees a hard time, always arguing why her burger has ketchup when she asked for no ketchup (but in reality she forgot to tell the cashier), or why the sodas are not a dollar anymore; I mean I can go on with these arguments.

But what I try to say is that morality takes place here.

If we take a moment to analyze the footage of Kim Davis refusing to issue a gay marriage license, she stood up for her beliefs in a patient way.

Without yelling, without fear, without stutter; and that is something to admire.

Nowadays, people usually express their beliefs and points of view in an aggressive way that makes one to wonder: Did we ever learn something from Martin Luther King Jr. or Cesar Chavez?

She did not raise her voice and keep talking louder; she did not let the other person speak, just like many defensive people here in this country usually do.

They think that raising the voice will make them win the debate, but it rather makes them look like fools barking for the fear to be proven wrong and just get what they want.

“I pay your salary! I pay you to discriminate me right now!” said David Moore, a clear example of why many people fail at debating.

And this does not only apply to this situation, but everywhere.

Someone in the audience was yelling in the back supporting Moore, but he turned back to him and shut the journalist off.

“Will you guys shut up? You are the press, so shut up!” Not something respectful from someone who called him to report this.

But the media will not show you that, they want to show how discriminating is Davis.

Yes, yes, Moore being hotheaded because of the situation is kind of excusable, but this is seen everywhere.

People tend to over react and always use the “my miserable life” excuse to try to win a debate or argument.

I’ve been in a case where I was ordered to deny the service to someone who was taken advantage of the customer service to obtain free refreshments.

After the customer argued and find it “unfair” she yelled to my superior, “I have terminal cancer!”

We gave her the usual service after the discussion, an even better service I may say.

It was not surprising that is not the only people (not only in the work place), to do this move, but to use their “feel sorry for me” technique to get what he/she wants is totally embarrassing.

Yes, I feel sorry for you, for lacking the skill to deal with this situation like an adult, not like a momma’s kid doing a tantrum in the super market.

To end these discrimination situations in the country and everywhere else, we must learn first to listen, analyze and then speak.

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Carlos Marquez, Opinion Editor
My name is Carlos Marquez and I am Opinion Editor for this fall semester in Talon Marks at Cerritos College. There is not much to say about me, I'm a regular student just like you majoring in Journalism and getting closer and closer to graduate with an Associates degree. I'm a fan of comic books and movies, I am what some may call a geek; I guess. I like to be aware of the events surrounding my community and share points of view with people to learn something new. I think is important to turn the community's voice into echo in order to inspire,make a difference and support a common cause.
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One reason to admire Kim Davis, one reason to disagree with David Moore