Dress as a sexy racist presidential candidate now!

Carlos Marquez

With Halloween right around the corner and just like every other year there is a trending costume everyone fights over to become the sensation of the party.

This year, Donald Trump has the honor to be in the Halloween costume stores at your nearest location.

From the Minions of the Despicable Me franchise to Elsa from the overrated Frozen movie, Trump not only takes over our news screens, but this holiday too.

But for a costume that consist of a blue suit, with a red tie and a wig it sounds pretty easy to put together; for a man I may say.

But what about the ladies who like to unleash their kinky side on that particular day?

They can get to try out the sexy version of Trump’s costume, which sounds like an interesting option to try something new and avoid the same sexy bunny or sexualized Disney princess costume of the past year.

The costume itself can cost around $69.95, plus Trump’s signature wig (which is sold separately) is about $17.90; almost $100 dollars to get the attention and the compliments of everyone for just a couple hours in a party or trick-or-treating.

Have we ever taken a moment to realize the exaggerated prices for these costumes?

Is it worth spending a big amount of our paychecks for this suit?

Like if having all the attention of the media wasn’t enough for this racist presidential candidate.

It’s obvious that an individual may not break character to give the impression.

But knowing Trump, I’m sure to believe that people dressed as him will make many of his racial quotes that some may find funny, others offensive, but what is there to say about the sexy version?

Is just there to be sexy or will also mimic Trump’s attitude?

Such costume could cause a controversy toward Hispanics that could lead to discussions.

But the final decision lays on you, you could either consider other options or dress as Trump and keep giving the attention he no longer needs.