Fast and Furious goes Avenger’s style

Carlos Marquez

Another film company followed the steps of Marvel, Universal Studios is already in the writing process for not only the three already confirmed Fast and Furious sequels, but for future prequels and spinoffs.

These types of projects in the works sure sound exciting, but should be taken carefully and wisely.

It’s not only this action franchise that the studio plans to expand, but also the Universal Monsters, continuing with the upcoming Victor Frankenstein film starring Daniel Radcliffe and James McAvoy.

The last installment was more laughable than breath-taking and before this opinion is taken as a review, the franchise seeks with great potential for new stories.

But they may be focusing on the wrong characters and coming out with superhero-like ideas. Don’t say you didn’t laugh at that Vin Diesel’s Power Ranger moment in Furious 8.

To be honest, what could save the franchise or avoid its fall is to touch on the minor characters origins, starting with Tyrese’s, Roman Piece.

His character has the potential for a spinoff which can turn into an action comedy flick.

This could also help the franchise to variate in genres.

Kurt Russell’s Frank Petty, may not be the action star he used to be, but the introduction of his character seemed like an interesting prequel/origin story to explore in a Transporter or James Bond style.

Definitely Luke Hobbs, which Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has already shown an interest to continue starring for a possible spinoff because the character has been well received by the audience.

But overall, my top pick would be a Tokyo Drift sequel.

Lucas Black’s Sean Boswell character may not be well received by the fans, but the movie setting, the message of it and the atmosphere is very eye grabbing.

This sequel could bring the racing action back once again and it would be great to expand the story and watch Sean and his new “family” race against new villains.

He can become the Dominic Toretto of the East.

Maybe if these projects end up being a success, the studios should form a crossover film (just like Marvel) bringing both teams together for a bigger and exaggerated treat.

This is a time to expand movie franchises, film potential sequels of classic movies, and keep going over some unnecessary reboots.

But if cinematic universes are what will save Hollywood from unnecessary reboots, let’s keep the kernels popping out of the popcorn machine and take advantage of the refills.