White House Joins Snapchat


Kristopher Carrasco

By scanning the snap code, you can instantly follow the Whitehouse on snapchat and get some behind the scenes snaps of our government.

Alvaro Flores

Overall, it will be interesting to see how frequent the White House snapchat account will be updated and what will even be posted.

However, others may not feel the same.

Melissa Ramirez, natural science major, believes Snapchat, the video messaging app, and the White House aren’t exactly a combination one would hear in the same sentence.

She believes it is essential for Americans to keep up to date with politics.

Ramirez said, “It’s a great way to find out what changes are being made.”

Andrew Gomez, graphic design, computer science and gaming major remarks, “It’s interesting to see that the White House decided to make a snapchat account.”

Petroleum engineering major, Ramon Torres said, “Snapchat is a cool way to find out what the president is up to.”

Torres hopes that Hilary Clinton, the democrat candidate, will become the first female president.

Aerospace engineering major, Angel Garcia, thinks it’s funny that the White House activity will be accessible through snapchat.

Americans will have a sense of excitement to know that they get to experience a speck of the president’s every day life.

That small glimpse may be exciting to some, however, the same could be said about the president’s critics who bash on him on television shows.

Only time will tell if the snapchat account was a good or bad idea.

One thing is certain; Obama will be the all-time innovative president who used social media to his advantage first.