My depression is not yours to wear

Chantal Romero

Depression seems to be the new iPhone 7 of illnesses because somehow everybody wants to have it, show it off, and wave it as if it were a prideful flag to have.

What is wrong with society? Why are millennials making a disease the ‘it’ thing through which they justify their laziness, ignorance, and sensibility? This is just another disgusting and disgraceful thing this generation has been putting out in the world.

Depression is a serious mental illness that affects and claims the lives of many. Don’t wear depression like a new pair of Jordan’s.

Making this disease trendy undermines the severity of the problem.

As a person who has to deal with depression, I find this trend insulting.

Urban Outfitters once sold a crop top with the word depression all over it, so you were literally wearing depression.

A posed “depressed” photo that attracts likes and makes you feel better, is an inaccurate portrayal of the problem.

Depression isn’t something that most patients like to advertise.

In fact, most patients take a long time to admit suffering from depression because they feel that if they admit to having depression they would be seen as a weaker beings of society.

Depression is a monster that likes to act as a friend. One might believe one is doing well and that life is finally falling to place, however, our beloved friend will come and visit unexpectedly. It reveals itself as an anxiety episode, lack of hunger, lack of motivation to get out of bed, insomnia, and in severe cases it shows up as a death desire.

It rarely shows up as a need to post a picture of how “I couldn’t get out of my pajamas for the day” or a snap of why I’m ‘so sad.’

During these hard days, I don’t yearn for your likes on social media.

A depressed person doesn’t need your approval to justify their hopelessness.

How many proclaim that they are depressed, simply because life has become a little tough?

Feeling bad for a couple of days about your current life situation is simply letting yourself feel; it’s a basic part of the human experience.

Depression happens when the grieving period lasts longer without a reasonable cause and affects daily functions.

Have you ever felt like something bad is about to happen but you can’t pinpoint what it is? You’ve woken up, but getting out of bed and participating in society feels impossible?

That’s a form of depression.

I’m not asking you to feel sorry for me or others battling this monster, I’m asking that you understand.

Understand that not every single day is a bad one- in many cases most days are fine.

However, understand that when a patient is having a bad day it can be really bad. They don’t know why they’re sad or why they need to cry or what’s not allowing them to get out of bed today.

That’s where depression becomes the biggest creep. It takes over your entire body and mind without an invitation.

Clinical depression is not something that should be self-diagnosed. If you are concerned about your mental health, make it a priority to visit your doctor and seek help.

Next time you’re about to post a picture on social media saying you’re depressed simply for the likes, reconsider your actions and how this affects those who actually have to struggle.

Being depressed is not a trend to jump on; it isn’t a jacket you can put on for the season and then throw away when you no longer think it’s cool.