Stop body shaming and normalize normal bodies

Josselyn Garay, Staff Writer

Society has made it harder for women to be comfortable in their own bodies and that has to change.

Over time, body shaming has become more evident, especially towards young girls because society has changed the perception of what the average body should look like and even then, that body is almost unattainable.

Normal bodies do exist. Not every girl has the typical “slim thick” look.

Every girl is built differently and something needs to be done in order for everyone to feel like they don’t need to meet a certain standard to be beautiful.

Women often feel pressured into obtaining these bodies because nowadays that is what is considered beautiful, especially in the social media world.

They constantly see pictures of the same body being praised over and over. But when a normal body is shown, suddenly the script is flipped.

Earlier this week, that was the case with Billie Eilish, who is known for her incredible voice but also her oversized clothing.

She was seen out with a tight tank top and “revealing” her body. That quickly turned into an 18 year old getting body shamed for being in her own body and many articles being written about it.

Weight shouldn’t define beauty. And people shouldn’t shame others for being comfortable in their own skin.

Body shaming can lead to psychological issues and most commonly body dysmorphia.

The Varsity stated the issues women have when trying to obtain that “perfect” body and how even that can have a very negative impact on someone’s health.

Women may become obsessive with the fact of having to look a certain way and if those goals are not reached quickly, some people just feel not worthy and take an easy way out.

Although there are many horrible people who still body shame, many others try to encourage everyone to just love themselves as they came into this world.

Body positivity has grown and been embraced by many but recently many have criticized this position as condescending and must be replaced by body normative thinking.

Lizzo recently did an interview with Vogue where she expressed how body positivity needs to be redefined and how it shouldn’t be a courageous thing to love your body, it should just be a normal thing.

Although we should not glorify celebrities for speaking out on subjects like this, it’s important when they speak out because that’s when people start to pay attention.

Since then, many others have started a movement of normalizing normal bodies.

Little by little, women will become okay with themselves and will be okay with not meeting the certain beauty standard that is in “trend” at the time.

Change will be made with the way.

This new generation is moving to make others feel like they belong. But of course, change will always make some feel uncomfortable so it will take a while for this to become the cultural norm rather than a vibrant movement for change.