United States flags blow in the wind in Malibu, CA
United States flags blow in the wind in Malibu, CA
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Proud to be an American despite its problems

America, home of the brave and land of the free. A country that allows freedom of expression, speech, religion and so many other great freedoms we all utilize.

Whether you migrated here legally or illegally the U.S. represents the land of opportunity that was built by people who were never originally from here.

America is stolen land, built off immigrants and other diverse backgrounds who first settled here. Republican or Democrat, being an American is something we all share.

America is not just a place it is the people too. To those who believe and stand for all the great things this country has to offer and pursuing the American dream.

Whoever you choose to be it is all possible because we live in a nation that allows people to do so rather than enforce one standard upon all of us restricting our right to choose.

This is why so many living here before us have died trying to protect our freedom and preventing tyrannical forces from taking the land we know today.

Even though different cultures won’t always see it the same way, many people have their own negative biases based on their experiences living in America which is very well understood.

We should be thankful we live in a country that gives us the freedom to rightfully assemble on issues we don’t agree on.

We all have the right to freely express ourselves and be who we chose to be. It is our job to ensure the protection of those who don’t feel safe freely expressing themselves to who they are as Americans.

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Tyrannical countries that are run by dictators have their own established standards they enforce their citizens to follow. Some would even execute you for trying to be different.

We should be thankful we don’t have to experience dictatorship however we must do a better job at protecting and accepting those who choose to freely express themselves.

It’s what we as Americans have always stood for, protecting one’s freedom and being thankful we live in a nation with a system that allows us to vote for the people responsible for taking action in office.

Together united the American people have overcome the toughest of challenges and losses this country has ever faced.

Instead of digging a deeper hole of hatred you have for this country every time something bad happens we all should do our part and work together on all the issues we can overcome together and dig ourselves out of this hole we’ve created.

Using your own words and thoughts can help build a better future for all of us. Protecting those who can’t protect themselves is what we the people have done best throughout history.

This country is our home, we can watch it slowly worsen or we can all unite to make it an even better place for us all to live in by working to resolve one issue at a time.

We must all do better, it starts with every single one of us ensuring that we build a better tomorrow for all of us in our society.


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