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The world’s neglect in Congo’s genocide

Sasha Lezhnev
A child miner, Patrice, 15, working at a gold mine in Congo.

There is a mass genocide happening in Congo struggling to get the world’s attention. The world does not care because it is happening to Africa.

The world doesn’t care about genocide when it happens to Africans and the unanswered ceasefire in Gaza is just a brutal repetition of Africa’s cries.

While protests for or against the War in Gaza are live and active, while the debate over which presidential candidate is the lesser evil continues, there is a massive genocide, civil war, dehumanizing, and slaughtering of life going on in the Congo for the sake of the devices you’re using right now to read this article.

The world is silent as children are forced to work in mines, women are being raped and killed while their bodies are left bloody on the side of the road as well as whole families being kidnapped, subjected to slavery just to produce the latest iPhone.

Nobody cares about Africa, nobody cares that the bloodshed and the killings of hundreds and thousands of people are happening because the world needs cobalt to make electronic devices, functions in automobiles, and such.

Congo is dying because the world needs to watch TikToks and stream horrible dating shows like Love Island with the average person unable to consume information for more than 7 seconds.

The War in Gaza is just an example of what Africa has dealt with for years with the news outlets only covering what appears to just be entertainment for the masses.

People are protesting right now to end the War in Gaza fighting for what they believe is right, and conducting walk-outs but has the world listened? Has the fighting stopped?

The media covers it just for people to watch at home to sit and say “Oh that’s so sad, someone should do something!” Then switch the channel to Judge Judy.

You scream and your voice falls on deaf ears. America is no stranger to ignoring.

Africa has never stopped fighting. The genocide in Congo has gone on for….don’t know, let’s see. How long have phones and cars needed cobalt?

They can’t even get live media coverage like how Gaza is receiving, so no one really knows globally what is going on in Congo right now as we speak.

The world makes me sick, America makes me sick.

The world will allow blood on their hands, cast a blind eye in the brutal raping of women and children, and condone the sacrificing of young men’s lives all for profit.

This country is desensitizedthis world is corrupt.

America says they stand for liberty and justice for all, but is the driving force for mass murder, genocide, legal slavery, bigotry, hypocrisy and greed.

It is a very upsetting feeling to see a country bleed out, especially at the hands of your own country and yet there is no one talking about it.

If you watched the movie Get Out by Jordan Peele there is a scene where the main character has been placed in a sunken place and you can see him watching and screaming for help but it is silent, no one hears him…

The reason why that movie is considered a horror film is because that is what marginalized people feel constantly not only in America but in the whole entire world.

Black people feel that when we scream or shout for help it falls on deaf ears.

This genocide happening in Congo is because the aggressors know that the world will not care because it is happening to Black people, to Africans, in a country where the world has already chewed up and spit us out.

In my work, I typically include facts to back what I have to say even in my opinions. This time I will invoke emotions.

You will feel what I have to say, you will see what I have to say in the pictures I include. And it will be brutal.

I want you to remember this article every time you use any of your electronic devices, anytime you start your car, that somewhere in the Congo a child mined so that you can have it easy.




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Ifeoma Utom
Ifeoma Utom, Co-News Editor
Ifeoma Utom is the co-news editor for Talon Marks covering all things news related on Cerritos College campus. When she is not news reporting, Ifeoma loves to enjoy a nice book to read or hanging out with her friends. She writes poetry in her spare time and enjoys the fine arts of opera and ballet. Ifeoma will graduate this spring semester and plans to take some time off to travel and explore what the world has to offer.
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