Helping the Nation Through Sports

Oscar Torres, Staff Writer

On Sept. 11, 2001 tragedy struck our nation when the Twin towers collapsed, the entire nation was both shocked and scared. Some mourned for the loss of many during it and some were left speechless. However one of the things that helped heal the world through it was sports.

Sept. 17 2001 just a few days after the event in the rapt Busch Stadium for the Cardinals game, Cardinal broadcaster Jack Buck recited a speech paying tribute to the event that helped comfort and inspire the people in the stadium and the people at home and has still to be heard in St. Louis.

In the Shea Stadium just 10 days after 9/11 and the first baseball game to be played after that event, was when Mike Piazza made the most unforgettable home run in the history of The MLB.

Oct. 30 2001 George W. Bush went up to middle of the Yankee’s stadium to make the first pitch and even more than that, What this shows is a rally cry to the people of America and its leaders will never be intimidated and would keep fighting back no matter what.

On Feb. 3 2002 the “Patriots” managed to win their first ever Super Bowl making it the first championship to be finished following the 9/11 attack.

During the 2002 Winter Olympics a NYPD officer Daniel Rodriguez performed “God Bless America” who later would be known as “the voice that healed the nation.” None of the other performances came close or couldn’t compare to how beautifully he sung and comforted the nation.

During the Super Bowl in Feb. 3, 2002 the band U2 took to the stage for the half time show to do a rendition of “The Streets With No Name,” but what was inspiring about it was that its scrolled the name of the people who tragically passed away from the attack and as Bono took out his jacket liner with stars and stripes on it the crowed and the nation erupted as one with tears and applauses its clear that many people will never forget that day.