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Bianca Bitches: ‘stop being a little bitch’

Bianca Martinez

April 3, 2018

If you are in your 20s and reading this, then get up and pat your ass, if you don't feel a pamper then grow the fuck up and stop acting like a child with petty ideals.So now that you have gotten your kicks touching your own ass in public, have a seat and take in the advice "Bianca Bitches" is going to provide.In the era of social media and being able t...

Pictures are a new way of communication

Katherine Grijalva, Copy Editor

May 15, 2014

Snapchat and Instagram have sparked interest and gained rapid popularity in the past three years, becoming a means of communication amongst millions of people. Unlike other social media networks or apps, such as Facebook and Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram differ in the way that it is based more on photos rather than statuses or a simple caption. These...

Athletic dean Daniel E. Smith voted against law P-9 F-13's revision. According to Smith, the new law has a potential to create recruitment disadvantages to certain schools. Photo credit: Sebastian Echeverry

Electronic first contact allowed outside of recruiting barriers

April 15, 2014

A revision of bylaw P-9 F-13, brought out by the California Community College Athletic Association which will come into effect...

Intimacy in relationship lecture

November 26, 2013

Dr. Mary Ann Larson was the speaker for the psychology club's lecture on intimacy in a relationship on November 22, 2013.

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