Talon Marks

“A Moment With Cesar Chavez” is a performance written, adapted and performed by Roberto Alcaraz, actor and lecturer at Cal State Long Beach. It was based on Chaves and the Chicano movement.

“A Moment with Cesar Chavez” brings Chicano movement onstage

April 9, 2018

A dimly lit stage with a makeshift tent, a couple props and one man is all it took to provide a deep insight into the life an...

Focus on the rape not the ethnicity

Bianca Martinez

January 26, 2018

One of the first things taught to wannabe journalists on how to compose a story of any kind is to state the important information first then go down in level of importance like an inverted triangle. All the important information is presented first then the "not so important" information is trickled down throughout the story. So why is it in the...

Expanding your group of friends beyond race

Jonathan Garza

September 10, 2013

From our first day of school until this very day, one consistent thing has been taught to us: "All men are created equal." Not only have we been taught this important lesson, but we've also had the opportunity to embrace it in our daily actions. We are not born with hatred or prejudice. They are learned behaviors and often times, society thro...

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