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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Expanding your group of friends beyond race

From our first day of school until this very day, one consistent thing has been taught to us: “All men are created equal.”

Not only have we been taught this important lesson, but we’ve also had the opportunity to embrace it in our daily actions.

We are not born with hatred or prejudice. They are learned behaviors and often times, society through family experiences teach them to us.

It is commonly taught that one should identify with people of the same color.

In schools, it is common to see white Americans together. The same goes for Hispanics, blacks and Asian-Americans. They band together.

Some might say it’s because they have an understanding of one another, but isn’t a person of a different ethnic background just as talented or funny as the next person?

Perhaps they have a food preference you might not have previously considered.

How about experiencing an aspect of another culture that is foreign to you? It could very well enlighten you or open your mind to other similar experiences.

Reuters conducted a poll and found that Americans do not have any friends of another race.

It said that 40 percent of white Americans and about 25 percent of non-white Americans surround themselves with those of like descent.

Their poll states that Hispanics and Asian-Americans have historically had less of a problem integrating with other cultures.


When you take a sample size of the population of the United States, you will notice different national backgrounds.

Broaden that study and it expands to read Americans. It doesn’t state which kind of the race, but simply: Americans.

Although it isn’t likely (at the moment), it is possible that one day we will be classified as Earthlings when polled against other planets in the galaxy.

Earthlings. Americans. Whatever it is, remember that generalizations don’t ever separate one from another.

If you want to go past the names of white American, how about surnames?

Could you imagine not having any friends because they didn’t share a surname with you?

And you want to go even deeper than that, how about at home on a first name basis.

Your siblings, mother and father likely don’t share the same name as you do, and you love them, right?

Thus, remember that much like your family, your friends have much to offer, even if they are of a different race.

Give them a chance. Sometimes it’s the people we think we won’t like that turn out to become our best friends.

People of any background should be your friend. And if you aren’t open to that, at least give them a try.

It couldn’t hurt.

In fact, it is probably worse that you judge somebody by his cover. You are setting the United States (and the world) back by several years.

Aren’t you in college to advance yourself? Why go against that?

Do something about it today and walk up to 10 people and say hello.

If that’s too tough, try smiling at somebody. You know what they say: A smile is spoken universally.

Note the difference a subtle change can make today.

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Jonathan Garza, Online Editor
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Expanding your group of friends beyond race