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Shane Dawson should not be receiving hate over Jake Paul series

Marilyn Parra, Staff Writer

October 29, 2018

Shane Dawson should not be receiving any hate toward his new eight-part documentary series with infamous YouTube vlogger Jake Paul. Youtube's Shane Dawson is known for being likable and funny. He's been on YouTube for 10 years and has done videos from comedy skits to eating in his kitchen and now currently, documentary series. Dawson's recent...

Shane Dawson’s Jake Paul docu-series sheds a light on mental disorders

Karen Miramontes, Staff Writer

October 29, 2018

YouTube’s OG creator, Shane Dawson, has been uploading his eight-part documentary series about Jake Paul and it has left some viewers divided. Dawson's new investigative documentary series has changed the YouTube culture for the better by opening up a new discussion about difficult or taboo things. This new format of filming is especially new...

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