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Shane Dawson should not be receiving hate over Jake Paul series

Shane Dawson should not be receiving any hate toward his new eight-part documentary series with infamous YouTube vlogger Jake Paul.

Youtube’s Shane Dawson is known for being likable and funny. He’s been on YouTube for 10 years and has done videos from comedy skits to eating in his kitchen and now currently, documentary series.

Dawson’s recent series features Jake Paul, and he tries to answer the question if Paul is a sociopath or not.

People need to remember that Dawson was given full approval to do whatever he felt like for the series by Paul.

In the series he captures the events Paul encounters throughout the day, as well as the hate he receives.

People need to understand that Dawson had to do his research before making the documentary. He was not going to dive into Paul’s crazy life, just off the bat.

Dawson documented all his research on camera for his viewers, but because it was such a heavy matter some jokes were thrown in to lighten the tone.

Before judging, people need to understand that Dawson himself has his own mental health issues.

Dawson has always been open with his viewers about his body dysmorphia and depression.

Why would Dawson make fun of mental health disorders? He wouldn’t and doesn’t. He opened up about how comedy helped him cope with his issues growing up.

Not once in his video did he make people with sociopathic tendencies feel bad, like any other one of his videos he used comedy when discussing serious matters.

In the serie’s last video Dawson questioned Paul on his fallout with multiple friends, such as the Spanish-born Martinez twins, Emilio and Ivan, who were part of Paul’s web group known as Team 10.

Paul proceeded to answer the question by saying, “I think it was a language barrier and the jokes that were made.”

Being racist is not okay, but viewers are starting to think Dawson is supporting someone who may or may not have the tendency of being a racist.

Again, Dawson loves to collect information and understand why Paul is the way he is. It was simply a question that asked about his past friendships.

Dawson tweeted on Oct 2. before releasing part four of the series that he would not be “holding back and censoring.”

He wanted to give his viewers the full story to truly understand the “Mind of Jake Paul,” as well as he did.

The series was completed last week and Dawson is still receiving hate toward something he never meant to do, which is offend people with mental health issues and promote racism or racists.

During the series and now, he continues to apologize to viewers who were hurt by his jokes, but he is not afraid to call out someone on Twitter for being rude.

He is and has always been true to letting people share their story.

Shane Dawson should not receive hate, he would never want to make fun of anyone who struggles with mental health issues.

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Marilyn Parra
Marilyn Parra, Co-Online Editor
Marilyn Parra is a communications major at Cerritos College and is now the Co-Online/Social media editor at Talon Marks. Marilyn would love to work for Disney's PR team after graduating from her dream school Cal State Long Beach. She wants to be a role model for young hispanics in the media industry.
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Shane Dawson should not be receiving hate over Jake Paul series