Pansa Llena: Let’s TACO bout it


Marilyn Parra

Two employees having a laugh while serving fresh tacos. They made sure every guest felt welcomed and left with a corazón contento.

Marilyn Parra, Co-Online Editor

¡Hola a todos! I’ll be writing about a dish that dates back to the 18th century in Mexico. It’s a versatile meal that got its name in a very unique way.

That meal is known as the famous taco. Now before I talk about a great taco place in Downtown Los Angeles I will talk about the origin of the taco.

While doing my research I discovered that the word “taco” did not start off as a food item. The word “taco” was used in the silver mines in Mexico.

Inside these silver mines people would wrap pieces of paper around gunpowder and insert them into holes to carve faces.

Migrants introduced the taco to the U.S. in the early 1900’s and since then there has been many variations of the famous meal.

Now that I’ve covered the history of the taco I can share one of the best taco spots I’ve found.

One day as I was scrolling through Instagram I saw a family friend post a picture of tacos, I quickly asked where she bought them from and went the next night.

Since then I have not found a spot as good, fast and inexpensive. That place is called “Ave 26 Taco Stand,” it’s located on an empty street in LA and is open everyday.

Driving through the area can be a bit scary since it is located in the back of an alleyway, but once you hear the sound of loud banda music playing you know you’ve reached the stand.

If you’re looking for traditional tacos this is the place to go. All tacos and sodas are $1 and horchatas are $2, this stand is cash only so make sure to have cash on you before giving this place a try.

If you don’t live near the LA area you must visit this stand at least once. For starters, the staff is super friendly and welcoming. If it’s your first time visiting they guide you through their meat options and have a nice conversation with you.

On top of being friendly their service is fast, the long lines are intimidating and will make you want to drive away, but trust me when I say, you will never wait longer than five minutes.

They have three classic salsas to drench your tacos in and multiple add ons that people enjoy. Also, after paying don’t forget to ask for a free fresh potato served with every taco.

This stand has no seating areas which give you the full cultural experience, ditch the traditional hand-out menu and dinning area and bring your lawn-chair or sit on top of your car.

“Ave 26” is a taco lovers heaven, you’re surrounded by friendly people and good food.