Bad Bunny opened the show with his big rig truck and lights to set the fans and the mood just right.
Bad Bunny opened the show with his big rig truck and lights to set the fans and the mood just right.
Alexia Naranjo

“El Ultimo Tour Del Mundo” sold out at The Forum

Bad Bunny and his big rig truck drove to Los Angeles for the first of three shows in the City of Angels after starting his tour in Denver on February 9th. The first was held in the Arena, and the second and third were held at The Forum in Inglewood.

Reggaeton star Bad Bunny sold out all three dates in Los Angeles and filled the hearts of his fans with love. At the start of the performance, he rises from his rig truck and hear the screams and excitement of all his fans.

Seeing him rise in the middle of the forum gave the best concert experience.

Bad Bunny opened the show with one of the songs that describe his career. Statement song “Booker T” gives his fans quotes to live by. He then continues to perform back to back bangers from his best and the very well-loved album “El Ultimo Tour Del Mundo”

Throughout the show, you hear endless chants of everyone singing along with the artist as he performs all the fan favorites. It was honestly the best vibe we could have been a part of.

In a brief pause during the concert, Bad Bunny stated “All night I have you guys this close to me, one on one. So I want to give you guys a big thank you face to face, for the love and support, for supporting all of my ideas and projects. Without you guys, my projects would have never been so once again, Thank you.” Fans then continued to scream and show their favorite artist all of their love.

Bad Bunny fan Deireanne Morales, said, “From the very start of his career I’ve always loved how different his music and vibe is compared to the rest of the artist in his genre. He’s not scared to be different and that’s what makes him stand out from the rest of the crowd.”

Bad Bunny is loved and supported because he is unlike most artist in his genera and is not afraid to be different.

Bad Bunny has a moment of silence to take in all the love his fans are sending him. (Alexia Naranjo)

During the concert, Not only did Bad Bunny perform El Ultimo Tour Del Mundo but he also played tribute to another fan-favorite album from 2020 Yhlqmdlg; Yo hago lo que me da la gana which translates to: I do whatever I want.

From “Si Veo a Tu Mamá” to “Yo Perreo Sola,” dancers on stage taught everyone how to do the perreo, to the song “Safaera,” there was something for everyone.

Bad Bunny also sang “Una Vez”, “Lo Siento BB”, Aventura-led “Volvi”.

Ending the night with Dakiti, everyone in the forum was dancing and singing their hearts away.

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