Fallout didn’t fall out with its video game counterpart

Official Fallout poster for the show on Prime Video. Photo credit: Amazon Studios
Official Fallout poster for the show on Prime Video. Photo credit: Amazon Studios

Fallout the post-apocalyptic show released all eight episodes to Prime Video on April 10 and it was nothing short of amazing as its first season was full of suspense, thrill, betrayal, and misery which easily gives it a five out of five stars.

Most shows that are video game adaptions don’t make it past the first season let alone the first episode if there’s enough criticism but Fallout doesn’t fall out with its video game counterpart.

Both different in their own way the show stuck to the timeline of the game for the most part.

The setting is in Los Angeles during the year 2077, the show follows multiple protagonists but begins with a Hollywood actor named Cooper Howard “The Ghoul” played by Walton Goggins.

Howard was hired to play a cowboy alongside his daughter for a birthday when Howard was explaining to his daughter the rule of thumbs for nuclear bombs when multiple nukes were dropped on LA and the fallout began.

Eventually, you’re taken to Vault 33, an underground bunker and are introduced to another main protagonist named Lucy played by Ella Purnell.

Outsiders breach the vault and start killing multiple members of Vault 33 as Lucy’s dad is kidnapped and Lucy decides to scavenge to find her dad.

Certain events take place within the vault and some members are questioning the integrity of the vault and how they came to be.

After the nukes are dropped the show takes place in 2296 which is years after any Fallout game takes place.

It’s a great combination of the show showing you the events before the nukes dropped, how and why they dropped, the mysterious events of Vault 33 and what happens in the post-nuclear world.

Many people loved the show and the same goes for critics as it was rated 93% on rotten tomatoes and it’s quite honestly deserving of a higher rating.

The show’s cosmetics team outdid themselves with how realistic they made the injuries, body and face prosthetics.

Not only was the makeup amazing but the CGI and visual effects made you believe that the events in Fallout were real.

The actors were cast perfectly and just play the roles perfectly, there isn’t a hole in anyone who was cast and fits into their role great.

In the games, none of them take place in Los Angeles but the show does and it mixes multiple characters and clans into one show which is how it’s different from the game.

Meanwhile, the show is purely fiction and no wear near accurate on what could happen after an actual nuclear event it was damn good and one of the best post-apocalyptic shows on television.

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