Challengers: A chaotic love triangle

Challengers official movie poster.
Challengers official movie poster.
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After months of delays, the movie Challengers finally hit the theaters on April 26, and it was worth the wait.

This movie revolves around one game of tennis and as the movie progresses the more you learn about the three main characters who are Tashi Duncan, Art Donaldson, and Patrick Zweig, and as you keep watching the more you realize what is at stake in this game that is being played throughout the entirety of the film.

To start visually it looks great, the shots, camera placement, and movement helps elevate this movie.

The score also adds another great addition, it brings up the tension during scenes, especially the tennis scenes.

At times the score does come in during unnecessary times to the point it interrupts the dialogue.

The acting was another plus for this movie, the chemistry Zendaya has with both Josh O’Connor and Mike Faist is Oscar-worthy.

You go into this movie thinking the main focus will be tennis, and that isn’t true for the most part.

While yes tennis plays a huge role in this film, the main story that is being told is the effects the love triangle between Tashi, Art, and Patrick has on them and their tennis careers.

The love triangle this movie put out works, it has the drama you would expect and insane toxicity between the three characters.

As the film progresses you start to realize more and more how unlikable all of these characters are in their own ways.

That is where I feel Zendaya nails her role because to me she is by far the most unlikeable character in the movie, and also who I view as the main antagonist in this story.

Tashi’s love for tennis in this movie is on another level and once it was taken away from her due to an injury she was never able to let it go.

She marries Art and once he tells her that he no longer wants to play tennis anymore, she feels there is no need for them to be together anymore.

Despite having a child together she was willing to throw her whole marriage away due to Art no longer being committed to the sport.

Tennis was Tashi’s life and once it was gone she tried to force others to do what she could no longer do no more.

In terms of flaws this movie does have a couple, the comedy for the most part didn’t hit in my opinion.

A lot of the humor was sexual jokes while yes some of them were funny it felt like they were trying a little too hard with some of them.

The plot is a bit messy and confusing at times considering that you go back and forth with a linear timeline throughout the whole film, although the payoff was good in the end.

A final nitpick I had with this film was the lack of side characters, there was little to none in this movie and I felt there were some that could’ve been put to use, for example, Tashi’s and Art’s daughter, Lily.

Lily could’ve played a huge role in this movie, especially during times when Tashi’s decisions could’ve felt more heart-wrenching because she has a daughter but they kinda just threw Lily to the side.

Overall this movie was enjoyable, when the trailer was released it had social media buzzing for obvious reasons but the film is way more than what the trailer presents it as.

It’s filled with drama, suspense, romance, and great sports scenes that will blow you away, on a scale from 1-10 Challengers gets an 8/10.






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