Talon Mark’s ‘Campus News Hour’ February 1, 2012

Free Speech Zone: 'Is there enough security in the parking lots?'

Alexandra Scoville 

John Gonzales : Talon Marks Campus News Hour

Free Speech Zone: ‘Is there enough security in the parking lots?’ Alexandra Scoville John Gonzales : Talon Marks Campus News Hour

Today is February 1st, 2012. Welcome to the third edition of Talon Marks ‘Campus News Hour’ for the Spring semester. Bringing the you news and information campus wide.

I’m your host Tito Benavides

And I’m Lucia Sarabia

Good Morning Falcons!


In an effort to promote campus events and to bring cooperation between the various clubs here at Cerritos College, ‘Falcon Spotlight’ is a new show at WPMD.org hosted by Jaime Flores whose sole purpose is to bring club activity to life. Staff writer Martin Calderon finds out the details of this effort in this weeks Campus News Hour feature.


Celebrating ‘Women’s History Month, ’ The Cerritos College is holding a ‘Campus Wide Read’ promoting the amazing story of Henrietta Lax and her thrusted upon contribution to the medical world. Staff writer Juan Lopez looks into this event and how students can participate.


This weeks Campus News Hour movie review aims its sights on ‘Man On A Ledge.’ Staff writer John Gonzalez shows no mercy giving his honest evaluation of this film.


Women’s sports witnessed both a win and a loss with the women’s basketball team walking from the court victorious and the women’s softball team licking their wounds and considering what strategy will bring a win at their next game. Staff writer interviews both teams in this Campus News Hour sports double-header.


Some Cerritos College students are missing out on financial help through scholarships because of lack of information on how to acquire such awards. With the help of the Scholarship Workshop here on campus, there is more financial hope for those who are willing to put in the extra time to learn how to cash in on this free money.


This weeks Campus News Hour music review features Ringo Starr’s newest project. Best known for being the drummer of the ‘Greatest Band Of All Time,’ The Beatles, Starr is now focused on making music for fun for his fans. Staff writer Rosie Montes gives her evaluation of this former Mop-Top’s newest effo


The very serious issue of students being allowed on campus with concealed weapons for the sake of protecting themselves has been brought to the grounds of Cerritos College. Staff writer Rodrigo Nunez asks Students and administration their feelings on this issue.

This has been the 3rd installment of Talon Marks

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On behalf of the Talon Marks news staff, I’m Campus News Hour Director Tito Benavides.

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