Madden 13 comes up big thanks to new additions

Jonathan Garza and Jonathan Garza

How does EA Sports improve upon an already stellar product? The answer lies within the latest version of Madden NFL 13, a game that brings together the superior elements of past versions.

The game includes the superior graphics, and implements them utilizing new innovations such as real-life physics, and even improved sound.

The main focus of this year’s game is the introduction to Connected Careers, a mode that absolutely revolutionizes sports video games, giving forth a completely new perspective, that of an NFL coach or player, and it is quite extraordinary.

Connected Careers allows a player to make actual decisions as if they were in fact the player themselves in the flesh, complaining about a frustrating situation where playing time might get cut short, wanting a contract extension, or even as far as demanding a trade.

Initial choices include the option to play online or offline, whether or not to be a player or coach, from the past or present, and what team will be represented.

Right away the connection to the actual NFL can be noticed, specifically with ties to popular Social Media network, Twitter, where in a franchise utilizing Peyton Manning of the Denver Broncos.

Writers might talk about the risk of having a venerable quarterback under center, while paying him a high sum of money.

It gets even better after a hard-fought game, where recognition is given to the player for whatever achievements or failures that the contest brought forth.

Once into the actual game, the franchise shines, boasting beautiful graphics as has come to be known of the franchise. Players resemble themselves, and at a quick glance could be mistaken for their real-life counterparts.

Clearly when it comes to the presentation of the game, sound is where the prize must be given to.

In years past, big hits could not be differentiated, instead leaving gamers without the real-life excitement that comes out of a game-changing, bone-rattling play. Not anymore, giving forth chills whenever a game-changing event takes place, a welcome change that allows for a gamer to feel as if they are watching a live contest.

A major change to this year’s game is the implementation of the Infinity Engine Physics System, which absolutely eliminates any possibility that a play could be replicated throughout a ballgame, allowing for insurmountable possibilities.

This is a very important addition to this year’s title, as the game will no longer repeat itself, boring gamers who expect more. Never has it been more true that one can never know what to expect in any given game, and that in itself is great news.

The drawback to the physics engine is that plays could finish, but players suddenly become prone to tripping over their teammates, leaving a player with no choice but to laugh, and wonder how such a subtle mistake could be allowed to be showcased in such a major production.

Scores and stats are just as deep as ever, leaving players fully educated and informed about what is going on at all times.

Newcomers Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III fit in just fine, as both exhibit their abilities exquisitely, and are ideal suggestions to begin a Connected Career.

If Madden is any indication of what the season might be, the San Francisco 49ers will defeat the Houston Texans in Super Bowl XLVII, which is set to take place on Feb. 3, 2013 at The Superdome, home of the New Orleans Saints.

Looking for an MVP?

Madden says that Frank Gore is primed for the feat.

The beauty of Madden is that it plays and acts like a true champion, well worthy of the name of the franchise.

A risk was taken by implementing Connected Careers mode, and already it plays as in a great way, inching fans closer to the actual game’s experiences, whether it be frustration because playing time is not given to one’s like, or celebration after winning the Super Bowl, and basking in the glory that the Social Media universe shines upon the feat.

Drawbacks were few and far between, but the physics mode provided more good than it did bad.

The artificial intelligence of the defense will require for a gamer to decrease subtle things like interceptions, where balls stick like magnets to the hands of even the weakest defenders, such as linebackers.

On offense, allowing the computer to run could be a gamble in itself as the running back attempts to clear it’s way through any hole, but instead clumsily finds that they wind up losing yards more times than not.

Without a true competitor to challenge it’s status as the king of football games, Madden rises to the challenge in 2013, giving fans reason to sit down night-after-night, with hopes of seeing something different each time rather than the same boring content that was repeated in 2012.

All football fans should pick up a copy of Madden as soon as possible, it is available in all retail stores right now.