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Sonic CD is one of the most obscure Sonic titles, which later would go one as one of the cult classics of the classic 2D games. An updated version made by Christian Whitehead became available in 2011. Photo credit: Courtesy of Sega

A Look Back with Oscar: ‘Sonic CD’ from obscure to whimsical

September 18, 2020

One of the most obscure Sonic titles is considered a hidden gem of the classic era. But how great is it and is it good to go back to or leave it in the past?

A short stack of blueberry chocolate pancakes topped with mini-chocolate chips and a light drizzle of powdered sugar. A dollop of house butter is cushioned at the center of the delectable stack of warm pancakes Photo credit: Rebecca Aguila

Gordita Eateries: Pancakes and mimosas galore at Eat This Cafe

September 18, 2020

A place where you can have the best socially-distanced brunch with a side of mimosas!

This is Ubisoft's 2nd presentation of the year. Here they announced updates regarding current content and newly announced games. Photo credit: Ubisoft

Ubisoft Forward: Disappointment with a few diamonds in the rough

September 16, 2020

This is Ubisoft's second presentation this year but was pretty disappointing. Most of the games shown were a letdown but what games did they show that was good?

Super Mario World is the fourth mainline 2D plat former for the Mario Series. Its also one of the launch titles for the acclaimed Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

A Look Back With Oscar: Super Mario World 16bits of pure enjoyment.

September 10, 2020

"Super Mario World" is one of the all-time greatest Mario games, with many levels to explore and easy to learn but hard to master gameplay. How good is it today, after 30 years?

A warrior in battle. Mulan fights alongside her fellow comrades to protect China and the dynasty.

‘Mulan’: not quite a reflection of the original

September 10, 2020

Niki Caro’s live-action remake of Disney’s "Mulan" uses a fresh perspective to tell a well-worn ancient story.

This is the second film that Disney has made on the Phineas and Ferb show. A third film is also in the works with the success and popularity of the series.

‘Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Candance Against the Universe’ review

September 10, 2020

With the second film's release fans have been dying to know if this is a great film that gives off the classic vibe from watching the show for the first time.

The Transformers is one of the most pop culture icons of the '80s. With its colorful cast of characters and deep lore its no secret that its still around to this day and referencing the first cartoon most of the time.

A Look Back With Oscar: ‘Transformers Generation One’, more than meets the eye

September 10, 2020

The Transformers, a pop culture phenomenon that spans many years of history through toys games, movies, and shows. Is the first cartoon still good as it is today?

BIll and Teds adventure continues to find that perfect song in modern society. The movies was released on Friday Aug. 28, 2020 Photo credit: loewsjersey on Flicker.com

“Bill & Ted Face the Music” is an upstanding experience

September 4, 2020

Jump back in time with Bill and Ted and their journey to save lives with rock and roll and excellence towards each other and to all.

Ivan (voiced by Sam Rockwell) and Bryan Cranston as Mack in Disney's THE ONE AND ONLY IVAN, based on the award winning book by Katherine Applegate and directed by Thea Sharrock. Photo courtesy  of Disney. 2020 Disney Enterprise, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

‘The One and Only Ivan’ review: A beautiful take on a classic children’s novel

August 28, 2020

Disney presents viewers with a tale of captivity and freedom that is sure to pluck at their heartstrings.

Il Makiage is light in consistency but gives you a light-weight airbrushed look. This is in the shade #120 I Woke Up Like This Photo credit: Rebecca Aguila

Let’s Talk about New York Il Makiage!

August 18, 2020

The newest light-weight liquid foundation that matches your skin tone just by an online quiz!

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