‘Babel’ cries out powerful Mumford & Sons


Mumford and Sons at the 54th Annual Grammy Awards at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Feb. 12.

Rosaura Montes and Rosaura Montes

“Babel” is an awesome album that fans will enjoy.

Any fan can recognize the similar style in “Babel” that came from the first album “Sigh No More” from 2009.

“Babel” still has the same folk vibe from the first album that fans loved but with a new kick. It has heavier songs that were not from the first album.

It’s not the “Doom Folk” genre that the band said it would be, but it has a new kind of “beast mode” that fans will love.

People will not regret buying this album.

Their sophomore album is well worth the wait with its amazing songs and sound.

While the band has gone harder with this album, its original sound is still present throughout the album.

That original sound is something that makes the album stand on its own.

The entire album has a sensational tone from the beginning.

It will make you want to reach out with a powerful swing into the sky to celebrate life.

The lyrics on the album something that people can relate to because of the stories that they tell. The lyrics can be seen as representations of life’s joy, travels and pain but explains it in a poetic tone.

All of the lyrics cry out in their own way that has made a special place in fans’ hearts.

Each song has a unique theme and structure that has fans reciting lyrics.

Not every artist has songs that are valuable.

For Mumford & Sons, all of the songs on the album are festive in their own way.

“I Gave You All” was the song from the first album that the most dark sensation.

For “Babel,” the track “Broken Crown” has its own “Doom” place in the album.

“Broken Crown” lashes out Mumford & Sons in such a dark approach that was yet to be expressed by them.

Any fan can recognize that “Broken Crown” is a new approach from the band that has the absence of white light.

Often times, an album’s success is measured based on certain songs. This is not one of those albums.

Its safe to say “Babel” is a pleasure to listen to.